Business Owner + World Renowned Violist

Acclaimed Violist and Conductor

Madeline has traveled the world as an acclaimed violist and conductor. She has played with world class musicians, Frank Sinatra, Lou Rawls, and Natalie Cole and worked with Paul Anka, the O'Jays, and Eartha Kitt. Whether she is playing at Carnegie Hall in New York City, or at a concert hall in Australia; Madeline Frank is one of the most sought after musicians in the world.

Madeline Frank
Throughout her experiences, Dr. Madeline Frank discovered strategies for success that also apply to the business world.

When Madeline was not touring, she helped build her family's successful construction and property management business using the "Tune Up Your Business" principals she teaches today. She is an Amazon.Com Best Selling Author, Expert Author, and sought after speaker. She helps businesses and organizations discover ways to "Tune Up Their Businesses". Her innovative observations show you the blueprints necessary to improve and keep your business successful.

Client Testimonials

“I had the pleasure of watching and listening to Dr. Madeline Frank speak to my students about "Music and the Brain." My students were fascinated by her brain research, especially the effect of music on the damaged brain and recovery for injured children. Dr, Frank played some beautiful music for my students, and they left the lecture talking about the way Mozart and other classical music stimulates the brain.”

- Rebecca L., student advisor for the National Junior Honor Society at Jones Magnet Middle School in Hampton, VA. -

“The kids, as well as the parents, loved this amazing concept. It's fun and inspires healthy responsibility in learning math. Musical Notes on Math is a celebration...cutting out the frustration so many kids run up against while allowing them to feel like winners! As a former teacher, I was totally blown away with the whole interactive theme resulting in positive enlightening results for parents, kids and teachers. Dr. Frank has created something unique and extraordinary.”

- Jodie Lynn, syndicated parenting/health expert, Parent to Parent, CEO/founder of Adding, and author -

“First and foremost, Madeline is a gifted musician who also believes in the redeeming social and psychological qualities of her art. The topic of her dissertation, "A Total Quality Arts Program for the 90s," is unique in that it attempts to bridge the gap between the arts and the art and science of management. Using Demming's celebrated concept of Total Quality Management(TQM) as a frame work of reference, her work suggests a model approach to explain what may be wrong with music education in America and what can be done to correct it.”

- Dr. Aqueil Ahmad , Professor of the Department of Business at Walden University -

“Dr. Madeline Frank is an outstanding teacher… highly motivated, well-versed ...prepared, ...caring not only for her students, ...the organization for which she works. She has the ability to inculcate in her students an understanding and appreciation for the subject being taught. She has demonstrated a quality of innovation by developing special topic courses ...which have been incorporated into the Fine Arts curriculum.”

- Leonard A. Freedman, Ed.S, Director of the Saint Leo College program in Hampton Roads, Virginia -
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