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Use the Simple to Solve the Complex

September 17th, 2021Posted by Madeline

Why a 103 year old productivity technique is relevant today! While there are many “productivity tools” and hacks that promise instant efficiency at lightning speed; all you need is one sheet of paper. Charles M. Schwab, was president of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, the largest shipbuilder and the second-largest steel producer in America and one […]

Ignite People’s Potential by Mastering the Art of Diffusing

July 18th, 2024Posted by Madeline

It might not be the highest point in the world but it seemed like it while the roofer was holding me up for more money on top of a roof! I arrived at our job site to inspect and video the progress of the new flat roofs on the 3 buildings we own and manage.The ladder […]

Do You Count Your Blessings?

June 9th, 2024Posted by Madeline

How many of us ever remember to count our blessings? Do you give thanks for your blessings? How do you remember the people who have helped you, believed in you, and loved you over the years? Do you start the day with a positive attitude remembering the blessings you were given? I am thankful for […]

5 Key Ingredients to Create Your Memorable Speech

May 6th, 2024Posted by Madeline

How should you begin your speech ? How about asking a question and then telling a story? What do you think is the most important part of any speech ? President Abraham Lincoln was known as an eloquent and masterful speaker. During the Civil War, President Lincoln would attend Wednesday night prayer services at the […]

Don’t Cheat the Work!

April 16th, 2024Posted by Madeline

Many people think that when professional athletes “make it”, they lose some of their hunger and drive. When they are considered one of the greatest of all time in their sport…who could blame them for coasting? They have the fame, the glory, and the contract.  Koby Bryant is widely considered to be one of the […]

How Can You Help Others and Yourself Too?

March 7th, 2024Posted by Madeline

Lisa Rabasca-Roepe in her Feb. 17, 2024 article, “Volunteering Can Combat Loneliness and Boost Your Mental Health” (Success Magazine) says there are “5 things to consider before volunteering to help your mental health”:  She says, “Volunteer work should speak to something you enjoy doing.”    1.”Make sure it sparks joy.”  What gives you the greatest joy?                    2. […]

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