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Use the Simple to Solve the Complex

September 17th, 2021Posted by Madeline

Why a 103 year old productivity technique is relevant today! While there are many “productivity tools” and hacks that promise instant efficiency at lightning speed; all you need is one sheet of paper. Charles M. Schwab, was president of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, the largest shipbuilder and the second-largest steel producer in America and one […]

The Value of Responding Rather Than Reacting During Stressful Times 

September 12th, 2022Posted by Madeline

How do you control your emotions during stressful situations?          Do you respond or………? Zig Ziglar. international motivational expert and author, says, “to respond is positive; to react is negative.” He explained responding to the situation with this story: “When the doctor gives you medicine that works, your doctor will say, “Ah, you responded well to the medication.”  […]

Will the Real Leaders Step Up? 

August 31st, 2022Posted by Madeline

Real leaders are builders. They build relationships, build bridges, and make others stronger! The most recognized and acclaimed leaders realize the importance of effective communication and how that skillset is a cornerstone for “tuning in” to their team member’s needs, as well as the desires of their customers.  How do great leaders and communicators tap […]

Cleanliness is Next To ………..

July 19th, 2022Posted by Madeline

RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU HAVE HEARD the EXPRESSION “CLEANLINESS IS NEXT to Godliness”? In the bible it talks about washing hands and feet and about cleanliness, to keep from getting sick from different diseases! It is paramount to your health and safety! Cleanliness makes all the difference in the world! It saves lives!  With […]

“Loose Lips Sink Ships” Is Still True Today

June 7th, 2022Posted by Madeline

During WWII, a poster had a picture of an American ship being torpedoed by a German U-boat! Underneath the picture were the words “Loose Lips Sink Ships”. Several other posters proclaimed “Careless Talk: Somebody Blabbed Button Your lips: A careless word…A needless sinking.” A young Charles Apgar was constantly tinkering with and inventing new gadgets. […]

Trail Blazers and Time Keepers

May 17th, 2022Posted by Madeline

What do Horseback, Railroads, Steam Boats, Telegraphs and Wagon Trains have in common? How it all began. The new technological revolution of trains, steamboats, telegraphs, canals, and stagecoaches created more interconnected communities and economies. The demand grew for a safer and secure way to send payments, and a need for reliable places to obtain money, […]

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