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Let the Experts Teach You How to Solve Your Problems

November 15th, 2022Posted by Madeline

Dale Carnegie: “Galen Litchfield-a man I have known for several years; one of the most successful American business men in the Far East. Mr. Litchfield was in China in 1942, when the Japanese invaded Shanghai. And here is his story as he told it to me while a guest in my home:” “Shortly after the […]

Keys To Building Your Best Self

October 18th, 2022Posted by Madeline

What if you are one step away from being your best self? We all appreciate people who are experts at spotting unique gifts and talents in others…no matter how obscure they may seem. Their words are the fuel that helps our “spark” or gifts burn brightly.   When I was a junior at the Juilliard School […]

The Value of Responding Rather Than Reacting During Stressful Times 

September 12th, 2022Posted by Madeline

How do you control your emotions during stressful situations?          Do you respond or………? Zig Ziglar. international motivational expert and author, says, “to respond is positive; to react is negative.” He explained responding to the situation with this story: “When the doctor gives you medicine that works, your doctor will say, “Ah, you responded well to the medication.”  […]

Will the Real Leaders Step Up? 

August 31st, 2022Posted by Madeline

Real leaders are builders. They build relationships, build bridges, and make others stronger! The most recognized and acclaimed leaders realize the importance of effective communication and how that skillset is a cornerstone for “tuning in” to their team member’s needs, as well as the desires of their customers.  How do great leaders and communicators tap […]

Cleanliness is Next To ………..

July 19th, 2022Posted by Madeline

RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU HAVE HEARD the EXPRESSION “CLEANLINESS IS NEXT to Godliness”? In the bible it talks about washing hands and feet and about cleanliness, to keep from getting sick from different diseases! It is paramount to your health and safety! Cleanliness makes all the difference in the world! It saves lives!  With […]

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