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Be Prepared for All Emergencies

March 8th, 2021Posted by Madeline

Preparing for every emergency is essential for peace of mind. Whether you are stuck in your car in bad weather, your child or family member becomes sick, your house suddenly springs a leak in one of its pipes, or any other emergency that may crop up; the preparation you invest in now will pay you […]

At Heart A Ballet Dancer

February 7th, 2021Posted by Madeline

How would you like to meet a very fine women and learn by her example? I’m going to tell you about this caring family women, sister, daughter, and friend. Her name was Evelyn Richman. I met Evelyn when I was a little girl. She always stood straight and tall, was elegantly dressed, and always wore a […]

Within Seconds Connect With Others

January 13th, 2021Posted by Madeline

Connecting and reconnecting with others is an essential cornerstone for creating a meaningful life. You can connect with others by text or email within seconds. Over the last 10 months my husband and I have reconnected with many friends, relatives, and colleagues in the United States, England, South America, and other countries within seconds by […]

How Do You Unplug, Relax , and Unwind?

December 8th, 2020Posted by Madeline

How do you recharge your battery? What makes you happy, makes you smile, and uplifts your spirit? During a beautiful sunny day, around 70 degrees, (Oct. 19, 2020), my husband and I took out our boat with our older son, daughter in law, and grandchild. We drove our boat to a nearby public island to […]

Better Ways to Deal with Adversity

November 3rd, 2020Posted by Madeline

The obstacles you face will determine your future, will reveal your character, and define you. Adversity Makes You Stronger.  2020 has demanded more out of most of us than we thought possible. Regardless of your unique circumstances; everyone was required to sharpen their creativity, flexibility, and patience skills. We do not grow and improve with […]

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