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Happy Thoughts To Begin Your Day!

How to start your day with excitement and enthusiasm with an air of creativity!

Happy thoughts!

Do you remember as a child waking up at the crack of dawn, filled with happiness, excitement and enthusiasm because it was your birthday or a special holiday? Do you remember how excited you were?

Do you remember the gift you received and how you enjoyed unwrapping it?

One of the most exciting gifts I received was when I was an eight year old child.

It was a violin. That violin was my opportunity to change my life and brought me great joy!

Do you remember receiving a gift that changed your life?

When you remember that gift does it make you happy and grateful?

When I was 12 years old, I took Home Economics in public school. Momma bought me a used Singer Sewing machine so I could make the required clothes for class. I also made things for my younger siblings like bibs, handmade dolls, and aprons. It was a wonderful gift to learn how to do something new. The class also taught us to sew, with nice hand stitching to hem clothes, and cook basic meals! I smile as I remember this!

What is the difference between a day that feels like everything that can go wrong will vs one that feels like everything goes your way? 

It obviously starts with the beginning. 

I’m sure you know someone who walks into the office every morning, a grimacing look plastered on their face, and they usually look for the negative side of everything.  

I’m not sure how this person starts their day, but it probably looks like this:

  • An alarm blaring at full volume, jolting them awake.
  • Scrolling through social media (comparing yourself to others).
  • Reading/watching the news (creating panic, fear, and doubt).
  • Reading email (letting other people prioritize your time).
  • Grumbling about going to work/school. 

If this is the foundation for your day, what lens do you think you will see life through that day?

You will likely focus on things you do not want.

You will likely look at lack, doubt, and hopelessness with greater importance.

You will likely quash most positive thoughts that enter your mind. 

Instead beginning your day like this:

1) Set your alarm clock to ease you awake (most phones have this setting to whisper you awake, rather than jolt you out of bed). 

2) Spend a few minutes in silence, focusing on what you are grateful for. It is easy to do this when life is going well…but it is essential to do this when life is not perfect. 

3) Move your body in some way, whether it is stretching or slipping into your workout clothes to get your heart pumping. 

4) Journal for 5 minutes about whatever flows into your mind. Positive ideas can be captured, and concerns stop renting space in your mind once they are put on paper. Send a note of encouragement to a child, family member, or friend! Write 5 things down you are grateful for!

5) Only read/listen to/watch something growth related or positive. 

It’s all about starting your day with gratitude and positive thoughts. 

So how can you give yourself a gift like this every day?

  • Begin your day by thinking of joyful things and gratitude.
  •  Don’t listen to the news. 
  • Don’t check emails for at least two hours after waking. 
  • Set your priorities for gratitude, growth, and challenge for the day (yes…we all need challenges! )
  • Fuel your mind by reading a positive article. 
  • Write a motivating encouraging note or thank you note to child, parent, or friend.

Thomas Dreier said, “Today should always be our most wonderful day.”

One of the most effective strategies I’ve discovered to set myself up for success is to ask a series of “power questions”.

For example:

What am I grateful for in the past 24 hours?

What am I excited about today?

What am I unsure of, but know I can conquer today?

Zig Ziglar, motivational expert and speaker said, “You have to feed your mind daily with the good, clean, pure, powerful and positive.”

So, what is the best way to start your day?

Give this strategy a try for the next 10 days and let me know how it works for you! 

Madeline Frank, Ph.D., is an Best Selling Author, speaker, business owner, teacher, John Maxwell Team Member, concert artist, and parent. She helps businesses and organizations “Tune Up their Business”. Her observations show you the blue prints necessary to improve and keep your business successful. Her latest book “Leadership On A Shoestring Budget” is available everywhere books are sold. If you need a speaker contact Madeline at:

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