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Heart of A Singer and Baseball Player

Marsha Rice was a wonderful, warm, kind, caring, and funny person. Her favorite sports team was the Dodgers. She enjoyed watching the live games on TV and she knew the stats of each player. Her other passion was singing. One of her favorite singers was Engelbart Humperdinck. She and our good friend Evelyn Richman visited Las Vegas to see his live concert. Both of them raved about the concert and visiting the sights of Las Vegas. Marsha had gone to many of his live concerts in the past and was a big fan. 

Every year we would celebrate our November birthdays together at a restaurant. Marsha’s birthday was November 17, 1944. We would bring birthday cakes to share, blow out the candles and make wishes! We enjoyed eating lunch together, sharing stories, and just being together.

When Evelyn moved to a retirement home is her 90’s, Marsha and I would go and visit her, bring lunch, birthday cakes, my violin, and Marsha would bring her dog Chloi. We always had a good time-sharing stories, eating together, and would finish by playing musical favorites to sing. 

Marsha and I would share jokes and stories regularly over the phone and text just to catch up. Like Evelyn, Marsha was a wonderful listener and when you had a problem she would ask questions to help you figure out the solution. After a long illness Marsha Rice, our warm, wonderful, caring, and funny friend passed away on June 25, 2023. She was 79 years old.

Marsh Rice’s legacy of kindness to others will live on.

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