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How to Move Forward When You Are Burned Out

How many of you have felt burned out or in a rut?

Maybe you have started a project, a relationship, or something else, and you have lost your excitement for it!

I’m reminded of a story by Joseph P. Klock about “A group of refugees about to flee a war zone by hiking over some of the most rugged terrain in their country. As they were leaving, they were approached by a frail, old man and a sickly mother carrying an infant. The leaders of the group agreed to take them along with the understanding that the men would take turns carrying the baby, but that the mother and the old man would have to make it on their own.”

“Several days into the journey, the old man fell to the ground, too exhausted to continue and pleading to be left behind to die. Facing harsh reality, the leaders of the group reluctantly agreed and started on their way.”

“Suddenly, the young mother placed her baby in the old man’s arms” as he lay prostrate on the ground. She said to him, “It is your turn to carry the baby!”

The young mother continued walking away with the other refugees. A few minutes later “she allowed herself to look back”.

“She saw the old man stumbling along the trail with the baby in his arms.”

The young mother gave the old man a purpose in life. She needed him to carry the baby. When the old man suddenly had a purpose in life, he became empowered with a burst of energy he did not know he had.  He was determined and motivated to bring the baby to safety. His purpose and goal were set.  He was needed and empowered to get the baby to safety!

Did you notice at the beginning of the story the young mother was described as “sickly”?

The journey fleeing from the war zone to bring her baby to safety and bring the old man to safety gave her a purpose, and the energy and strength she needed to move forward! The sickly mother was transformed to one filled with strength, energy, and purpose. She was filled with hope!

People are social creatures. They do not go through life alone. Every living thing needs to feel wanted, needed, and loved. Everyone needs hope and purpose!

So, what does this mean for you?

How do you continue forward to get out of your rut?

1) Go help someone else. It won’t come natural to you. Just do it!

2) Feed the homeless, go to a local shelter and lend a hand. Do something for someone  less fortunate who needs help. It’s time to shake up your world.

Helping other people we care about is crucial to moving us away from our rut!


Madeline Frank, Ph.D., DTM is an Best Selling Author, speaker, business owner, teacher, John Maxwell Team Member, conductor, and concert artist. She helps businesses and organizations “Tune Up their Business”. Her observations show you the blue prints necessary to improve and keep your business successful. Her latest book “Leadership On A Shoestring Budget” is available everywhere books are sold. If you need a speaker contact Madeline at:



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