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“Loose Lips Sink Ships” Is Still True Today

During WWII, a poster had a picture of an American ship being torpedoed by a German U-boat!

Underneath the picture were the words “Loose Lips Sink Ships”.

Several other posters proclaimed “Careless Talk: Somebody Blabbed Button Your lips: A careless word…A needless sinking.”

A young Charles Apgar was constantly tinkering with and inventing new gadgets. One was a cone-shaped megaphone. The other was a recording device that allowed morse code to be recorded on wax cylinders. 

Here’s the story:

Suppose someone you knew was talking to a friend about American ship movements and another person walked by and heard them. That person, who was eavesdropping, was really a spy and sent what he or she heard through a Radio Station to the German High Command during WWII.

An American ship was sunk by a U-boat instantly……

Unless, the Wireless Wizard intervened:

Charles Apgar called the “Wireless Wizard” in 1915 developed, owned and operated in his basement “one of the most powerful radio receiving sets in the country.” In 1915 he translated and recorded coded messages sent from the German radio station in Sayville, Long Island “relaying vital sailing dates of U.S. Convoys to the German high command” and each morning he sent the messages to the American Secret Service.

 “Thanks to his work  U-boats stopped sinking Allied ships, and the German wireless operator was sent to Federal Prison at Atlanta ” ( Apel, 2003, pp.11-13). At the age of 75, during WWII Charles sent the “call to arms” to 55,000 radio operators in the U.S. describing the “German Spies fifth column activities a thousand times more perilous than in 1915 ” 

Charles Apgar (June 28, 1865-August 17, 1950) was a scientist who built a telescope, wrote scientific papers on Astronomy, was a lifelong pianist, inventor of “ampliphone circuit which amplified even the smallest noises so as to make them easier to record. He also invented the paper cone loudspeaker” used in radios today (Apgar, C ,Wikipedia, 2008, p.1).Charles Apgar was the father of Virginia Apgar, M.D. To read more on Charles Apgar, hero of WW1 & WW11. 

Charles Apgar And “Autistic Teen’s Piano Recital Marks Milestone” – August 2008

How gossip can kill relationships!

Many years ago, I went to visit my grandfather’s Real Estate office when I was a child of 7 or 8. Another person in Grandfather’s office came in and said “nasty things about someone my grandfather knew.

Grandfather said to him, “He speaks well of you! If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all!”

Grandfather’s words of wisdom have lasted a lifetime. Every newspaper, television news show, radio shows, destroys people’s lives every day! Gossip kills, and destroys lives! “Loose lips do Destroy……..”

Close your lips! “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all! 

Gossip is the reason so many relationships and reputations are destroyed! Gossip kills relationships! It can start wars! 

On the other side of the coin, how can you build strong relationships!

Start by giving an honest simple sincere compliment within a few seconds of meeting someone! For example, what a beautiful blouse you are wearing or that outfit is stunning on you! What a wonderful mustache or what a wonderful hat you are wearing. Are you from Texas? People will smile at you! Try it!

Honest sincere compliments begin new relationships!

 Another example how gossip destroys jobs and relationships:

Many years ago, at a College I was teaching at, the head of the College was lied about by someone wanting his job. Like mud sticking to your shoes, dirt sticks too!

No matter how many teachers wrote what an honorable person he was, the bad apple was believed! Gossip kills relationships and destroys reputations. Don’t Gossip!

Charlie Tremendous Jones and Daniel R. Ledwith said, “Look for good instead of problems. One of the cardinal laws of personal relationships is this: people thrive under praise and deteriorate under criticism.”

“It is biblical. “It is foolish to belittle a neighbor; a person with good sense remains silent”

“Some people make cutting remarks, but words of the wise bring healing.”

“Gentle words bring life and health; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.”

“Those who love to talk will experience the consequences, for the tongue can kill or nourish life.”

Jones and Ledwith continue, “If we want to be exceptional in our relationships, we have to master this basic principle: People thrive under praise and deteriorate under criticism. Look for the good in others and praise it. Praise it often. Praise it sincerely. Nothing motivates a person more to respond to you than honest praise. Nothing brings up our defensiveness faster than criticism.” (Jones and Ledwith, “Forgiveness Is Tremendous”. p.125)

Instead be a good finder, a person who lifts others up, building honest reputations!

Don’t be a mud slinger!

Madeline Frank, Ph.D., is an Best Selling Author, speaker, business owner, teacher, concert artist, and parent. She helps businesses and organizations “Tune Up their Business”. Her observations show you the blue prints necessary to improve and keep your business successful. Her latest book “Leadership On A Shoestring Budget” is available everywhere books are sold. If you need a speaker or virtual speaker contact Madeline at:

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