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A Mini Vacation For $5

Where can you go for a $5 vacation for an hour of relaxation? Do you ever need to blow off steam after work?

Picture this: It is a beautiful sunny day and the temperature outside is 70 degrees. You and I have just arrived by car with our hats, sun tan lotion, and sunglasses at the local Golf Range on Mercury Blvd in Hampton, Virginia.

We travel up the steps with our golf club and purchase a bucket of 70 golf balls for $5. Then we pick a spot on the beautiful grassy green field and see in front of us a sign for 50 yards, 100 yards, 150 yards, 200 yards and 250 yards.

You and I are now standing in position holding our golf clubs. We each put our golf ball on the tee and picture, on the golf ball, the person who has given us the hardest time today. You and I are in position to swing and drive that golf ball as far as we can out into the field letting our frustrations flow out into the field.

The object is to hit that golf ball as far as you possibly can 50 yards, 100 yards, 150 yards, 200 yards, etc. Each time you hit the golf ball you will release more frustration out into the field.

After your first swing you feel the weight of the world beginning to lift off of your shoulders. With each swing you take, you feel a little bit better. Each swing can represent as many or as few people as you would like. You can have a whole cast of characters that way you have a full healthy psychological outcome by the end of the hour.

We get ready to take our second swing. You and I are each picturing another person on our golf ball that has raised our frustration level today. We swing our golf club and hit the ball all the way out in the field leaving our frustrations out by the 100-yard marker. This second swing removes more of the weight of the world from our shoulders and removes more frustration from our body. We even begin to smile!

We get ready to take our third swing and picture another person on our golf ball that has made it a difficult and frustrating day. We swing our golf club and hit the ball even further into the field. Each time we hit the golf ball we leave more and more of our frustrations out into the field removing more of these frustrations from our body.

By the time you and I have hit our 70th golf ball we are feeling relaxed and ready for another day. Out in the field we have left all of our frustrations and we feel lighter and happier!

We all have frustrations and need Mini vacations. So, the next time you are seeing smoke and you are feeling frustrated and angry, drive on down to a driving range near you and have your mini vacation for $5. After an hour you too, will feel rested and relaxed once again.


Madeline Frank, Ph.D., DTM is an Best Selling Author, sought after speaker, business owner, teacher, researcher, and concert artist. She helps businesses and organizations “Tune Up their Businesses”. Her innovative observations show you the blue prints necessary to improve and keep your businesses successful. She writes a monthly newsletter “Madeline’s Monthly Article & Musical Tips” and a monthly radio show “Madeline’s One Minute Musical Radio Show”. She has just published her new book “Leadership On A Shoestring Budget”.

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