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Blessings of Freedom & Hope in America

October 3rd, 2020Posted by Madeline

Where is your family from and why did they come to America? Have you ever visited the communist countries of China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Laos, or Vietnam? I’ve had the honor of traveling to many parts of the world, and fell in love with the people of nearly every country. My heart broke for those who […]

Turning Enemies Into Friends: The Ben Franklin Effect

September 4th, 2020Posted by Madeline

Is it possible to turn an enemy into someone who pays you the respect you deserve? Can you build a strong positive relationship with your enemy? Benjamin Franklin was a Founding Father of the U.S. On July 1, 1731, Benjamin Franklin and his friends, his mastermind members, began The Library Company of Philadelphia. The first free […]

Creating A Virtual Mastermind

August 19th, 2020Posted by Madeline

What can a virtual mastermind group do for you? High achievers long ago realized they needed to tap into the knowledge and experience of other people to solve problems and reach new levels of growth. One of the greatest examples of tapping into the experience of others begins with Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin was a […]

Plant seeds of Greatness with the Right Words

July 24th, 2020Posted by Madeline

Babies begin life with a blank page of endless opportunities. We should all be selective about the words we write in the book of a child’s life. Will we write words of encouragement, love, and compassion; or will we plaster the pages with hate, limitation, and resentment? Have you ever heard someone announce loudly my […]

3 Simple Strategies to Keep the Desire for Learning During the Summer

June 17th, 2020Posted by Madeline

The 2020 Pandemic has challenged you to rise to new levels of creativity and flexibility for you and your family. Many school districts have had their teachers in Zoom virtual classrooms teaching your school age children for 4 to 5 hours a day! Also, some parents have homeschooled their children to maintain a learning environment for […]

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