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“Loose Lips Sink Ships” Is Still True Today

June 7th, 2022Posted by Madeline

During WWII, a poster had a picture of an American ship being torpedoed by a German U-boat! Underneath the picture were the words “Loose Lips Sink Ships”. Several other posters proclaimed “Careless Talk: Somebody Blabbed Button Your lips: A careless word…A needless sinking.” A young Charles Apgar was constantly tinkering with and inventing new gadgets. […]

Trail Blazers and Time Keepers

May 17th, 2022Posted by Madeline

What do Horseback, Railroads, Steam Boats, Telegraphs and Wagon Trains have in common? How it all began. The new technological revolution of trains, steamboats, telegraphs, canals, and stagecoaches created more interconnected communities and economies. The demand grew for a safer and secure way to send payments, and a need for reliable places to obtain money, […]

What Do a Horse and an Apple Have in Common?

April 14th, 2022Posted by Madeline

How to keep your customers happy. How is the customer service at your business? Are your associates well- trained and do they work as a team?  Are they knowledgeable and eager to share the information on their products?  For the past several decades, I’ve been a musician playing the violin and viola throughout the world. If […]

10,000 Steps for Soup

March 18th, 2022Posted by Madeline

Many of you, on a cold winter day, have enjoyed a hot bowl of soup. Maybe the soup you were having was from Campbell’s Soup. In 2001, Campbell’s Soup Company stock prices had fallen and performance had hit rock bottom. In order to survive, they hired Douglas Conant as the new President and CEO. Within […]

Have You Stayed at A Hotel Lately?

February 6th, 2022Posted by Madeline

Did you have an interesting adventure with your family? Today, all of you will be coming with my husband and I to stay at hotels during this pandemic time. You are parents/grandparents with kids and pets. We have just arrived in Melbourne, Florida to stay at our hotel You have your kids and pets, we […]

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