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Kindness Lessons from Eat and Get the Hell Out Diner

January 13th, 2022Posted by Madeline

January 13, 2022 Would you like to have more repeat business? How would you like to be treated? When my husband and I visit Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina our favorite place to eat is “Eat and Get the Hell Out”, Bob’s Grill. They serve breakfast and lunch. The service is excellent. Our waitress smiled, was courteous and […]

Being a Good Finder

December 10th, 2021Posted by Madeline

Would you rather be around someone who makes you feel good , encourages you to be your best self? Or Would you rather be around a person who tells you all your faults? The choice is yours! It takes work to have a happy successful life! What words are you putting in your mind? When […]

To Create Unshakable Optimism Lift the Corners of Your Mouth

November 14th, 2021Posted by Madeline

Churchill understood the power of optimism to set the foundation for victory.  Churchill said in 1910, “I am one of those, ‘who believe that the world is going to get better and better.’ He deprecated negative thinking. In a speech to his officers in the trenches in France in 1916, Churchill exhorted: ‘Laugh a little, and teach […]

Ideas Have Power!

October 19th, 2021Posted by Madeline

My friend, Bob, seems to have a command of a bottomless fountain of great ideas. Whenever someone has a problem that they can’t seem to solve, Bob has a solution. He also has started, bought, and sold several businesses; some of which rewarded him handsomely.  Do you know of someone like my friend, Bob?  Most […]

Use the Simple to Solve the Complex

September 17th, 2021Posted by Madeline

Why a 103 year old productivity technique is relevant today! While there are many “productivity tools” and hacks that promise instant efficiency at lightning speed; all you need is one sheet of paper. Charles M. Schwab, was president of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, the largest shipbuilder and the second-largest steel producer in America and one […]

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