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February 8th, 2024Posted by Madeline

Are you accountable for your actions? When you make a promise do you keep it? What does accountability mean?  Webster’s Dictionary of 1828 says, “Accountability is the state of being liable to answer for one’s conduct; to receive reward or punishment for actions.” Accountability means you can be counted on. You are dependable, honest, trustworthy, […]

Leaders are Tinkerers, Builders, and Developers         

January 4th, 2024Posted by Madeline

Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, and Elon Musk. Real leaders are builders. They build relationships, build bridges, and make others stronger! The most recognized and acclaimed leaders realize the importance of effective communication and how that skillset is a cornerstone for “tuning in” to their team member’s needs, as well as the desires of their customers.  […]

Chill Out! How to Successfully Handle Problems the Carrier Air Conditioner Way

December 4th, 2023Posted by Madeline

In 1902, William Carrier “was working on the problem of regulating humidity for a printing company and decided to give up for a while and take a vacation. While waiting on a foggy railroad platform in Pittsburg, he gazed at the mist surrounding the station and tracks, wondering how late his train was going to […]

Inspiration From a Cage to the Queen of England

November 6th, 2023Posted by Madeline

How could the legacy of a young girl, who was locked in a cage, eventually create a legacy that reached the Queen of England? You have undoubtedly heard of Helen Keller, but the woman who helped pave the way for Helen to leave her legacy remains largely unknown…until now.  “Little Annie” Sullivan’s was the oldest […]

3 Ways to Communicate You Are Listening!

October 2nd, 2023Posted by Madeline

Must be personable, empathetic. Understand that your connection is with a human.  What is everyone asking about you? 1) “Do you care about me?” 2) “Can you help me?” 3) “Can I trust you?”  (John Maxwell’s 3 questions to connect with others.) 1) “Do you care about me?”  We have all experienced people who have rolled […]

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