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How Safe is Your Child’s School Bus?

Does your child enjoy riding on the school bus coming to school and going home after school?

On September 24, 2014 it was reported on the radio and in the Virginia –Pilot newspaper of Norfolk, Virginia that on a Norfolk school bus taking students home from school, two students ages 11 and 13 got into an argument, and the 13 year old stabbed the 11 year old with a knife.

The 11 year old was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and the 13 year old was taken to the Norfolk Juvenile Detention Center.

How could this have been avoided?

By putting the slow movements of Baroque music, music from 1600-1750, and Mozart Symphonies, from 1764-1788, from the Classical music period,

on in the back ground of the school bus the students would be able to calm down and enjoyed the ride home from school and the ride going to school would be calm without any incidents.

What does listening to Baroque and Classical music do for your students?

By listening to the Mozart Symphonies, Classical Music, and the slow movements of Baroque music your students will be calmer and be able to concentrate and think more clearly.

Dr. Raymond MacDonald, of Glasgow’s Caledonian University says, “Some classical music approximates the rhythm of the resting heart (70 beats per minute). This music can slow a heart that is beating too fast.”

Carol A. Locke, M.D. for PRWEB, Boston, MA, a Harvard trained psychiatrist says, “listening to classical music has an impact on intelligence and productivity…stimulates the mind, relieves anxiety, helps with concentration and reduces stress.”

What are the three things you can do on your school bus to calm your students down from the excitement of going to school and arriving home safely?

1)   Put on Mozart Symphonies and /or the slow movements of Baroque composers Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, Corelli, Tartini, and Pachelbel before your students get on your bus to calm them and help them to relax.

2)   Dr. Georgi Lozanov, medical doctor and educator says, “the second movements of Baroque music are slower than a person’s heart beat and relaxes the students and helps them remember more.”

3)   Dr. Anne Savan, a Welsh science teacher, plays Mozart Symphonies in the background of her classrooms to relax her pupils, “lower their frustration levels enough to allow them” to think clearly and calmly “to perform manual tasks effectively and efficiently” in her science classes. She puts the Mozart symphonies on “before” her students enter her classes.

So remember to put on your Mozart Symphonies and/or your second movements of Baroque music before your students enter your school bus so they can be calm and stress free going to school and going home from school on your bus.


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