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Service with a Smile

Would you rather go into a store and purchase your everyday necessities from a smiling friendly clerk or one who scowls at you? Everything in life is about relationships.

Recently I went into two local stores near my house. In the first store the clerk said to me, before ringing up my purchases, “Will you make a donation of $1 to the following cause?” My response was “we will see!”

When she threw my new reading glasses into the bag with my canned goods all bets were off! I was not willing to donate.

The second store clerk smiled at me as I walked into her store. I asked her, “How are your husband and two children doing?”  She replied, “Wonderfully well!”

She always asks how my family is doing too! She is always positive, friendly, helpful, and carefully bags my purchases. She is always dressed neatly with her hair combed. If she had asked me to donate for a worthy cause I would have.

It’s all about relationships and connecting with others. Our behavior matters!

So, what are the three things your employees should do to make your customers want to come back to your store and to even donate to your store’s worthy cause when money is really tight?

1. When your customers enter your business your employees need to smile, be respectful, be polite, be helpful, be knowledgeable, be well groomed, dress appropriately and make a good first impression so your customers want to continue being your customers.

2. Employees should treat their customers as if they are honored guests in your store. Your employees should speak to customers and their family members in a reliable and timely manner.

3. When the sale is completed your employees should carefully place the items purchased in the bag. It does not matter if it is a $2 can or a $500 glass lamp, your customers purchases should be treated carefully with respect. All customers wish to be treated with courtesy and respect in a friendly polite manner.

Remember we are there to serve our customers. First impressions are lasting impressions and can never be repeated!

Madeline Frank, Ph.D. is an Best Selling Author, sought after speaker, business owner, teacher, researcher, and concert artist. She helps businesses and organizations “Tune Up their Businesses”. Her innovative observations show you the blue prints necessary to improve and keep your businesses successful. She writes a monthly newsletter “Madeline’s Monthly Article & Musical Tips” and a monthly radio show “Madeline’s One Minute Musical Radio Show”. She has just published her new book “Leadership On A Shoestring Budget”.

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